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1. What is meant by font?
You will know the answer already but who don't know about font for those that be alive in a cave in then a font is a typeface or lettering style. The dictionary also describes a font as being a container in a church that holds fill with tears for baptisms. You don't get confused, we dont construct baptismal fonts, just the typeface variety that's all. Back to Top

2. What kind of font format you will create for me?
Only W Only We have to create fonts in truetype format at present e have to create fonts in truetype format at present. The font is sent to you in Mac compatible or Windows format. We can send both formats for an addtional fee. Back to Top

3. Who owns the copyright on the font you create for me?
You, easy as that. You are free to make use of it wherever you like. We do not reorganize or resell fonts we have to create for paying customers without their fast permission. Back to Top

4. How long does it take?
Normally it takes us approximately 7 business days from when we collect your properly completed template. Sometimes it may take to some extent more or less time depending on our workload. If you are transfer your templates in the mail it can insert several weeks to the process due to mail delivery delays and where we are based in Australia. Back to Top

5. Can I use the font on a Macintosh computer?
Yes, you can provided that is what you ask for on ordering. If you have operating system newer or X you can simply inquire for a PC truetype font and that font will work on both platforms. however if you have an older version of Mac OS you will need to have us convert the font for you. Back to Top

6. Where can I use the font you create for me?
Anywhere you would generally make use of truetype fonts. Truetype fonts are able to accept wordprocessing such as speadsheets, desktop publishing and graphic design programs are able to accept truetype fonts. Back to Top

7. How do I install my new font on my windows PC?
First of all you have to copy the font file from the email. we will sent you onto your harddrive, making note of where you copied it to. If you would like to install your new font for PC's running windows 95 or better simply then you open up your Control Panel and click on the Fonts folder. Then you should make a decision the file menu and decide "install new fonts want a font based on my cursive or running writing style, can you help me?. Back to Top

8. I want a font based on my cursive or running writing style, can you help me?
Definitely, however due to the complexities of this style of writing it is a little more expensive compare than a standard print handwriting font. Back to Top

9. I want you to change someone elses handwriting, is this possible?
Aside from the promising legalities connected with this it is a very extended process to change handwriting that is not shaped using the grid method that we use. Hence we have charge unreliable amounts for this service. You will also have to give a valid reason. Back to Top

10. The font you have designed for me seems smaller/larger than other fonts in my system of the same point size, what's the story?
Handwriting styles and sizes differ considerably and hence the finished font size may be either lesser or bigger than other fonts in your system when selecting the similar point size. Simply you have to adjust your point size until you are happy with the result. Back to Top

11. What will my font be named?
Your font name will be based on your original name and petname unless you say to us otherwise. Back to Top

12. The font looks a little different to my handwriting style, what happened?
Few people find that when they are asked to note down a sample example of their lettering style they tend to write down either improved or bad than they normally would, sometimes they may even form certain letters in a entirely different way to their natural style. Logically we can only work with what we are provided with your style. Its a good idea to put into practice little on some fake templates before you start on the last copy. Back to Top

13. When I type with my new font the letters are too close together.
We use your handwriting example to measurement your usual spacing between letters. When you type your new font I think the letters are very close. This application software you are using may be adjusting the spacing for you. Most good quality wordprocessors and design programs have choices for letter spacing, you have to try for adjusting this option till you are joyful with the results. Back to Top

14. I dont have a printer, can I still have a font designed by you?
If you do not have access to your own printer, you can asking a friend otherwise the majority printshops must be able to publish a copy of the handwriting template for you. Back to Top

15. I dont have a scanner, can I still get a font designed by you?
The majority copy shops will give a scanning service where you can have your own templates scanned according to the instructions built-in when you order. Instead you may have a friend who is able to help you out with scanning. Back to Top

16. I've lost my font that you created for me, can I have it please?
You have to keep a backup of your font creation on floppy disk or CD. We will not be consider and responsible for your lost or corrupted font. You may ask for your font again from us but we do not assurance that it will always be available. Back to Top

17. I made a mistake with some of the letters in my font, can you do it for me again?
We can make adjustments to any font we have created upon your request. Depending on the level of complexity of the problem we may charge you a small fee for this service. Back to Top