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Types of Fonts

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Type 1 and Type 3 fonts:
Type 1 and 3 fonts were developed by Adobe for professional digital typesetting. Using Postscript, the glyphs are outline fonts described with cubic Bezier curves. Type 1 fonts were restricted to a subset of the Postscript language, and used Adobe’s hinting system, which used to be very luxurious. Type 3 allowed unrestricted use of the Postscript language, but didn’t contain any hint information, which could lead to visible rendering artifacts on low-resolution devices.
Font Types
TrueType font:
It is a font system initially developed by Apple Inc. It was planned to replace Type 1 fonts, which many felt were too expensive. Unlike Type 1 fonts, TrueType glyphs are described with quadratic Bezier curves. It is currently very popular and implementations survive for all major operating systems.

OpenType font:
It is a smartfont system designed by Adobe and Microsoft. OpenType fonts have outlines in either the TrueType or Type 1 format together with a wide range of metadata.

It uses a different sort of glyph description. Like TrueType, it is a vector font report system. It draws glyphs using strokes produced by moving a polygonal or elliptical pen approximated by a polygon along a pathway made from cubic Bezier splines and straight line segments, or by filling such paths. Although when stroking a path the envelope of the stroke is never actually generated, the method causes no loss of accurateness or resolution.

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