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Glyphs obtainable for Mac Font Editing

Monday, May 16th, 2011

While Adobe dominates most aspects of graphics making and publishing, there are a little areas where it has up till now to create a presence. One is in tools for the creation of 3D and the other is in typography. The latter is somewhat perplexing, as Adobe’s second product, after the success of its PostScript programming language, was digital fonts. The dense has been a major force in the advancement of font format standards and played a major part in moving the then-analog graphics industry to a digital workflow by developing a library of high-quality fonts, exemplified by the Adobe Originals line of commissioned designs.

With an open playing field, you might imagine that developers would have provided a large range of typographic tools by now, but that hasn’t been the case. So the entrance of Glyphs, from German developer Georg Seifert, is a welcome one, although the availability of a Windows version would round out the offering.

For a first liberate Glyphs is surprisingly complete and seems to go to considerable lengths to make the sometimes difficult process of font creation and editing as pleasant for the designer as possible. A good start is its combined text and drawing views, which allow users to draw shapes, adjust spacing, adjust kerning, compare font weights and glyph variations in the same sight mode, with letterforms displayed as live text before the font is exported. The program’s drawing tools have been created with type in intellect, with the developer claiming to give “the most advanced node features of any design application.” Other interesting features include accent generation; the capability to keep and compare glyph variations; elegant glyph names; simplified language sustains; easy multiple master creation, a scriptable open structural design.